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The key objective of the following article is to share general indications of Antabuse, summarize its background as well as share important side effects and precautions linked to this prescription drug.

General Summary about Antabuse

Antabuse represents a prescription drug taken for treatment of Alcoholism symptoms in both males and females. Antabuse can be taken on its own or in conjunction with other medicines, depending on your doctor’s decision. Antabuse originates from a class of medications referred to as Psychiatry Agents. The generic name of Antabuse is Disulfiram and is commonly available across pharmacies worldwide.

Antabuse provides an assistance during management of chronic alcohol patients whose aim is to stay in conditions of enforced sobriety with intention of applying psychotherapeutic and supportive treatment for better results.

Antabuse does not represent a sole cure for alcoholism. If a medication is taken on its own and there is no appropriate motivation or supportive therapy, there is likelihood that it will not exert any significant effect on drinking habits of the patient with chronic alcoholism.

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Dosage Overview and Indications of Antabuse

Antabuse is to never be taken before the patient has refrained from alcohol for minimum 12 hours.

During the first treatment phase, the maximum daily dosage of 500 mg is taken as a single dose during 1-2 weeks period. Even though the common administration is in the morning, Antabuse can be used towards evening by patients who exhibit a sedative effect from this drug. Otherwise, with intention of minimizing, or eliminating the sedative effect, there may be some reductions of dosage. The regular maintenance dose is kept at 250 mg for everyday administration (with equivalent range of 125 – 500 mg), and cannot exceed the daily dose of 500 mg.

The continuous daily administration of Antabuse is required to be maintained until the patient has completely recovered in social aspect and has established a solid basis for lasting self-control. Based on each patient, the maintenance therapy may last for months and even years.

Compilation of Possible Side Effects and Precautions Associated with Antabuse

Keep monitoring your health conditions throughout the whole treatment cycle with Antabuse. Inform you doctor if any side effects appear, continue bothering you or don’t vanish. The list of most commonly observed side effects associated with Antabuse are:

  • Acne
  • Skin rash
  • Feeling of tiredness
  • Impotence
  • Minor continuous headaches
  • Garlic or metallic-like taste in mouth
  • Loss of sex drive

Patients who have a history of rubber contact dermatitis, are required to undergo analysis to define hypersensitivity to thiuram derivatives prior to starting Antabuse treatment. Hepatic toxicity and hepatic failure with consequent transplantation or death have been previously reported in rare cases of specific patients. Patients taking Antabuse are required to abstain from exposing themselves to ethylene dibromide or its alternative versions, such as vapors.

The safety of Antabuse in pregnant patients has not been recorded. Hereby, Antabuse is to be taken during pregnancy only in cases whereby the healthcare professional permits and the probable benefits are higher than the possible associated risks.

author: Dr. Marian Davis

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I am proud to announce that it’s been 7 months that I consider myself a non-alcohol dependent person. Thanks to Antabuse this could be achieved. When I approached for medical assistance, my healthcare specialist has prescribed Antabuse for a duration of 5 months. I’m glad that the entire treatment cycle has completed without any adverse side effects. Mild skin rush has appeared during first month of treatment, but later it vanished.

Jane, 39 years old.

Fri Oct 29 2021 08:25:26

I have been a chronic alcoholic for 4 years and it made my life really terrible. Once my relatives decided to take a decision and bring me for professional medical assistance, I was in pretty bad conditions. Luckily, my doctor has found the correct treatment and prescribed Antabuse. Although impotence was observed during 4 weeks of the initial treatment cycle, but later it has disappeared and I was not concerned about it at that time, since there were more serious problems with my health (i.e., alcoholism). Currently, I am proud to conclude that it’s been 7 months that I am free of alcohol and these are happiest months of my life.

David, 36 years old.

Wed Aug 10 2022 22:12:02

Due to a difficult life situation, I have ended up abusing alcohol and didn’t notice that I have become a chronic alcoholic. Thankfully, a friend of mine has suggested to seek for medical assistance and upon medical examination, my doctor has suggested to start the treatment cycle with Antabuse. Currently, I am on my 4th month of treatment and surprisingly there are no side effects so far. My desire towards alcohol is continuously reducing and I can really see the positive effects of Antabuse. Hopefully, within a month or two I will complete by treatment.

Arnold, 33 years old.

Tue Feb 07 2023 14:38:01