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Tadacip 20mg

Tadacip by Cipla is marketed as a highly effective, safe, and affordable solution for erectile dysfunction. This medication uses tadalafil as its active ingredient, so you can expect it work up to 36 hours after being taken, which it at least 6 times longer than sildenafil or vardenafil. Treatment with tadalafil boasts a success rate of 70%, making it one of the most commonly prescribed ED medications globally.

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Available dosage Cipla Tadacip forms and strengths
Name Manufacturer Active ingredient Brands Release form Dosage Price per pill, USD Pack size
Tadacip® Cipla Limited Tadalafil Tadacip tablet 20mg $2.50 92

Tadacip vs Cialis - Does Tadacip Work?

Patients often harbor skepticism about generic drugs, and it's entirely understandable. The prevalence of suspicious, unnamed medications and reports of counterfeit pharmaceuticals can understandably cause concern when considering generics. However, it's safe to assert that Tadacip is a different story altogether. Manufactured by Cipla Limited, India's fourth-largest pharmaceutical company valued at $7.5 billion, Tadacip stands as a testament to reliability. Many of Cipla's products are FDA-approved and available officially in the United States and worldwide. Certainly, Tadacip is effective – but the question remains: is it as effective as the brand-name Cialis?

To address this question, we need to comprehend the concept of bioequivalence. Tadacip is bioequivalent to Cialis, signifying that both drugs contain precisely the same amount of active ingredient per pill. They operate similarly. The only distinction lies in pricing. The sole difference is the price. As Cipla does not need to recoup the initial research and development investments and refrains from extensive marketing campaigns to support Tadacip sales, it can offer its medication at a significantly lower cost compared to Eli Lilly’s Cialis.

Cipla Tadacip Price

Cipla Tadacip Price Cipla Tadacip 20mg is an exceptionally cost-effective medication. A single pill typically costs around $1, but most pharmacies offer larger packs with significant discounts. If you're planning to purchase a few months' worth of Tadacip at once, you can anticipate receiving a truly advantageous deal.

In contrast, brand-name Cialis 20mg is notably overpriced. It's not uncommon to encounter prices around $10 or even $20 per pill, both in local pharmacies and online. However, if your insurance plan covers erectile dysfunction treatment, this might still be a viable option to consider.

Once again, Tadacip is more affordable not because it's inferior to Cialis. Cipla doesn't have to allocate as much as Eli Lilly in every stage of the manufacturing and marketing cycle, resulting in substantial cost savings reflected in a much lower market price.

author: Dr. Marian Davis

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Cipla is like Pfizer or J&J in India, so I felt really safe buying Tadacip after researching a little. This drug is absolutely amazing. Just like pretty much any other version of tadalafil, of course, but still – absolutely nothing to complain about. I read some reviews saying that generics are rougher on the stomach and have more side effects than the name brand drugs but, fortunately, I didn’t notice anything of that kind. Except for a mild headache every now and then, I’m not experiencing any discomfort.


Sat Aug 14 2021 14:43:01

Switching from Viagra to Tadacip was the best decision ever. I feel so much better taking the latter and it costs like 10x cheaper! Plus, I no longer have to worry about all the prescription stuff anymore. Of course I talked to my GP about switching to tadalafil first and he didn’t mind it but I never really used that rx he gave me. I just order Tadacip online and have it shipped to my home – all super-easy!


Mon Aug 16 2021 11:10:00

I like the digital version and the articles always seem to address the challenges we are currently dealing with.

Thomas Carey

Wed Oct 12 2022 01:40:29