The Importance of and Difference between Erection Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are often mentioned together and, therefore, there has always been a lot of confusion between the two terms. Most of the time when they are used, they mean the same thing. And there is a problem right there because, in fact, health and fitness are not synonymous. Same is the case with erection health and fitness. It is crucial to note that erection health should get more emphasis because it is the foundation that erection fitness is built upon.

Let us now put it into context and look back at the US Olympic marathon trials in 2007 where Ryan Shay, a 28-year-old athlete, collapsed after covering just over 5 miles in the race. He was rushed to hospital and declared dead 30 minutes later. The autopsy findings were intriguing because the runner was found to have died of a heartbeat abnormality which was caused by a pre-existing heart condition. His heart had scar tissue and was enlarged.

Remember we are talking about a renowned athlete of his time who had quite a few achievements behind his belt. He was a five-time national champion and was named the USA running circuit champion on 2003. Heading to the Olympic trials, Shay was enjoying a high level of fitness and he was gearing up for this huge competition with all the enthusiasm he could gather. But the occurrences of that morning and the autopsy findings reveal that all wasn’t going so well for the runner’s health. His heart had a problem and it is right to say he wasn’t all healthy even though he was having a good time on the tracks.

You Can Be Fit and Unhealthy

Another notable example is Jim Fixx whose books on exercise and rejuvenation remain a gem to date. He is also referred to as the father of jogging because he encouraged people regardless of their physical condition to take up running. Jim himself was 35 years when he started running and he did it with might and will. He had a jogging schedule that he strictly adhered to and, in his writing, you see someone who was very committed to the cause. He would do anything to stick to his running schedule.

His unrelenting workouts even attracted the attention of psychiatrists and that’s how the term ‘Jim Fixx neurosis’ was invented. Health experts have different opinions as to what might have given him so much drive. Sadly, Jim died at the age of 52 and, just like Shay, he also died running. The autopsy showed that he suffered a heart attack and his coronary arteries were almost fully clogged because of atherosclerosis. This was in 1972, 15 years before Shay’s demise. But that’s not to say that there are limited examples of fitness and health mismatches.

In the case of Jim Fixx, people had a lot to say. Some linked his fate to the family because his father had died of a stroke at a relatively young age of 43. Some people said Jim himself might have died earlier if he didn’t start his exercise routine. Others opined that it was the running which killed him. Well, Jim quit smoking and lost significant weight when he started running. But his life wasn’t all rosy. He had some family problems and this could mean he was not okay in every respect. Some mental health experts regard the running as a means of deviating from a problem or trying to make up for some deficiencies.

So now let us take a look at erection fitness and health and separate the two. The above cases have been highlighted to help tell the difference in general health terms. What is clear is that these individuals were fit but they were not healthy. The state of being unhealthy could have been caused by factors that we may not be able to pick out at this moment.

Separating Erection Health and Erection Fitness

Erection health is achieved when you have all rounded wellness. Your physical and mental health should be in check because our sexual health is built on both elements.

Erection fitness is the mere ability to have an erection. You realize that many people can achieve this. Even an unhealthy person can get a more or less satisfying erection. Therefore, it is possible to have a physically fit individual who is not healthy. An athlete might be able to run long distances or lift massive weights while at the same time having a bothersome underlying condition or social problems.

It is easy to achieve the bare minimum, get a hard on and get down to business. But if you want to have an amazing experience, then you will have to work on your erection health. If you want a good sex life, your health needs to be in order and then your fitness follows.

Inflammation Plays a Big Role

Today, you will find many people struggling with conditions like inflammatory disorders or even insulin resistance. It mostly goes down to the diet and lifestyle. Today’s diet is filled with highly refined carbohydrates. When someone constantly consuming these engages in vigorous exercise regularly, they are likely to suffer from inflammation. This is because both practices stimulate the brain to trigger an inflammatory response. Inflammation is a natural process that is meant to launch the process of tissue healing. However, it is only beneficial if it occurs acutely and gets controlled. When it becomes chronic, then the tissues will eventually be damaged permanently.

When you see an overweight person or a guy who is not in good shape, the first thing you think of is perhaps the gym. You think this guy should be subjected to hours of drilling sets to get rid of the extra pounds. That is not right. This person needs to restore their health prior to switching to their fitness.

Similarly, people need to work on their erection health first before they start looking for erection fitness. This way, we will achieve balance. You don’t get good sexual performance when you have an unhealthy erection. The system won’t be able to sustain the strain. Bypassing healthy practices ends badly because you subject unhealthy tissues to activities that are meant for a top level healthy body.

When you have inflammation in your body, you are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction because there is marked endothelial damage. Erection relies on preserved endothelial integrity. Certain blood tests can be used to measure the levels of inflammation by analyzing the levels of corresponding biological markers in the blood. The levels of many substances in the body are altered during inflammation. Some are increased whereas others are reduced. Those that are reduced are referred to as negative inflammatory markers.

For the sake of this discussion, we will look at an inflammatory marker that is more specific. The C-reactive protein (CRP) levels are increased during or leading to an inflammatory response. When its levels are increased, that is a red flag. In this case, you need to adjust to a diet richer in vegetables and fibers and do moderate exercise to minimize tissue damage.

In a nutshell, make a point of working on your erection fitness but remember that erection health comes first. It is the fundamental requirement. With commitment and determination, you will have a healthy erection, which will translate to a better life.

author: Dr. Marian Davis

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