Foods That Improve Your Erections

A lot has been said about eating healthy foods so that you can reduce the risks of getting lifestyle diseases. But have you thought about eating foods that better things under the belt? It is about time you showed more concern about how your diet affects your erections and your sex life in general.

Erection is one of the many physiological processes that run in our body every day. Many systems work and interact with each other to produce an erection and it can be a good indicator of what is going on within. For example, one of the reasons for poor erections is clogging of blood vessels. And this is definitely something that’s heavily affected by your diet.

However, you should not focus on your blood circulation system only. It is good to think about the general health of your body when you shop for food. When you have a healthy diet consistently, you will achieve overall wellbeing and your sex life will follow suit. Even so, there are some foods that are more helpful in improving things in the bedroom. Consider adding more of the following products to your diet to achieve excellent sexual health and stay free from conditions that make you less of a performer.


Spinach contains folate which has been shown to boost blood flow and maintain optimal blood pressure. Spinach also contains magnesium which is essential for maintaining adequate blood circulation throughout the body.


Avocados help to boost testosterone levels because they contain zinc. The fruit is also loaded with vitamin E which improves sperm quality. The overall effect is increased sex drive and fertility.


Watermelon contains lycopene, a compound that has been shown to promote the health of the prostate and the cardiovascular system. Watermelon opens up the blood vessels supplying the entire body.


Broccoli can normalize blood pressure and is also an effective detoxifier of the body. This results in healthy erections because of improved blood flow to the penis.


Celery contains sterol of plant origin which has effects similar to those of testosterone in the body.


Asparagus is rich in zinc which supports the health of the prostate. It also contains vitamin B that boosts testosterone levels and improves sex drive.


Your sex life can be taken to a whole new level when you eat oysters regularly. They greatly boost the levels of testosterone in the body and consequently have an anti-aging effect. They’re also a source of zinc which, as we already know, keeps the prostate healthy and promotes general reproductive health.


Carrots are known to improve sperm count and motility. This is attributable to the organic pigments called carotenoids.


Garlic is good for your cardiovascular system because it opens up blood vessels and allows more blood to flow to the organs that need proper supply, including the penis.

By eating these foods consistently, you can improve your erections. You need to stick to a healthy diet and avoid practices that might water down your efforts such as excessive drinking and smoking. Foods that improve your erections are mostly those healthy foods that your doctor or nutritionist keeps telling you to eat frequently. Well, now you know you have a reason to listen to their advice!

author: Dr. Marian Davis

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